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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  March 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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first at four -- all eyes on ohio just a day before our presidential primary. and as the the now's briana harper found, early voting will play a huge part in the results. i'm here at just one of the many (how many?) polling places throughout hamilton county where election officials say they expect up to 45-percent voter turnout
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according to political experts-- typically when the stakes are high so are the voting numbers. already more than 23-thousand voters have cast their ballot early in hamilton county. that's nearly 10-thousand more early voters than we saw in the 2012 primary.we spoke with a political science professor from xavier university who says when races are this close in a "winner take all state," there's more at stake. right now-polls show a near tie between ohio governor john kasich and gop frontrunner donald trump. trump.dr. mack mariani// xavier university political science professor"ohio with 66 delegates that's a very large number of delegates and if donald trump wins both of those states that will bring him up to the point where he will have more than half of what he needs to win the republican nomination and it will be very difficult moving forward to stop donald trump." and as for the democratic race-- it could all depend on the demographic of voters."if young people show up for bernie sanders as they did in michigan will they help bring him over the top as in michigan and if they do that has the potential to compete reshuffle the race in the
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polling places throughout ohio including this one in wyoming will be opened beginning at 6:30 tomorrow morning and voting will continue until 7:30pm.officials at the board of elections are reminding voters to verify their correct polling location before coming out.reporting live briana harper the now cincinnati. ohio governor john kasich and gop frontrunner donald trump are battling for each and every ohio vote in tomorrow's primary election.trump scheduled a last minute stop in youngstown tonight. meantime, kaisch spent the morning in ohio.he has a campaign stop in westerville tonight where he'll be joined by 2012 presidential nominee mitt romney. the big question -- can kasich win ohio?right now it seems that depends on the poll you consult.the wcpo insider political team took a look at what needs to happen -- and what could happen if kasich loses.check it out at wcpo dot com. in this "anything seems to
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white house, the results in florida and from here in ohio tomorrow could have a clear impact for the republicans. the now's todd walker is looking at how the man in fourth place nationally, could potentially stop the front-runner from securing the nomination before the convention. it seems like we say this every other day.. but it really is true.. tomorrow's primaries could be make or break for the republicans.. here's how the delegate count breaks down right now.. and tomorrow the all important winner take all states of florida and ohio are up for grabs..marco rubio and john kasich's home states.. if they don't win at home.. their campaigns are as good as done.. and donald trump pretty easily has a handle on getting enough delegates to secure the nomination.. if he wins both.. if they do win at home it leaves open the possibility of a brokered convention.. here's how..if trump wins florida.. but john kasich.. who is in last place overall right now.. wins ohio.. which is a possibility right now.. donald trump would have to win at least 60 percent of the remaining delegates to secure the nomination.. marco rubio has told all his supporters in ohio to vote for john kasich..
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stop trump at whatever cost... --sot--(governor john kasich/(r) presidential candidate) "the math is real and if somebody can't get the total number of delegates then we have a 1000 delegates left to go."if kasich wins ohio.. and rubio wins florida.. which looks very unlikely right now.. trump would need to win 70 percent of the remaining delegates.rubio is trailing trump in florida and coming to grips with the reality of the math--sot--(sen. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate) "i still at this moment continue to intend to support the republican nominee, but it's getting harder everyday."for the now.. i'm todd walker. walker. the last time the republicans began their national convention without a clear nominee was in 19-76. 9 on your side and wcpo dot com will have updates from all of the races tomorrow night with live coverage from seven to eight.and we'll have a live facebook chat from ten to 10:30 to get you updated.then catch us for 9 on your side at
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some storms reached parts of the viewing area today -- but things are pretty clear now. steve is tracking the latest. tuesday looks great for those heading to the polls. highs will reach the low 70s with a mix of clouds and sun. tuesday night into wednesday morning, we'll see another front bring a chance for showers and storms. isolated severe weather is possible, with damaging winds being the greater threat. lows will fall into the low 50s. much cooler weather moves in for the remainder of the week, with wednesday highs in the low
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bricks and rubble are all that's left of one clifton apartment's balcony after it collapsed yesterday. 9 on your side's kristen swilley spoke to those who stepped to safety time. sot: sharon lane, 5 seconds "she hollered and said 'mom, run' and that's what we did. we ran to the other side of the building." vo: it was a close call with moments to seconds "it was just. everything was going every which way." vo: sharon lane says her daughter walked in from this now collapsed balcony just before it came crashing down.sot: sharon lane, 9 seconds "i doubt you could have counted to three. i mean she had just come through the door. i doubt if you could have counted three seconds, maybe five." nat sound: *bricks into dumpster* vo: now...brick by brick... second by second... the corner of ludlow and middleton one step
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sneed"they should look into these buildings more carefully."vo: but those who live on this block are worried after this collapse...what other buildings are at risk? sot: nancy sneed"and for people to live in them. that woman could have been hurt, ya know?" vo: the same thing going through sharon's mind... after this close call. sot: sharon lane, 10 seconds"we were afraid there was someone in that and of course there wasn't and that's good. that's what we're thankful for." vo: in clifton...sot: sharon lane, 3 seconds"it's a beautiful building and i hope we can put it back together." vo: in clifton...i'm kristen swilley....for the now cincinnati. there's still no official cause behind yesterday's collapse, but the city's code inspector found the cement and wood frame collapsed at the main support column.the inspector says repairs will begin immediately to avoid further damage to the building. until those repairs are made -- nobody who lives in the building will be allowed to access their balcony. right now- adams county
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investigating after a body was found along a rural road, this morning. deputies say a school bus driver saw the body lying next to a silver pick up truck on rousch hill road near manchester. deputies aren't releasing the name- but say it's a male in his mid 30's. the coroner says when he arrived on scene- he found some type of liquid and drug paraphernalia next to the body. he can't say for sure the cause of death- but he believes it was a drug overdose. people who live nearby say they're not surprised. norma miller//lives nearby "we have a lot of it going up and down this road and things and we know what it is but theres not too much you can do about it" it'll be about eight to ten weeks before the coroner's office gets the toxicology results back. police are investigating the deadly shooting of an avondale man.officers say 21-year-old trazone mahaffey was shot sunday night.he was inside a car at the gas station near burnet and northern avenues.if you know anything call don't have to give your name and you could earn cash rewward if what you know leads to an
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it's march 14th -- pi day.and it could save you some money on dinner tonight.a look at the local deasl- next 14:45 more coffee, please! the monday after daylight saving time is always a tough one to get going, isn't it? today we ask why the old-fashioned
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it's pi day! march 14--- or 3.14 -- pi. you don't have to be a mathematician to appreciate it. a lot of businesses are capitalizing on the date.. hoping to get you in the door with a deal on pies. pies.blaze pizza is offering all pizza pies for 3- dollars-14 cents hut is giving customers a chance to win pizza for 3.14 years. you have to correctly solve one of three math problems posted on pizza huts website to officially enter. whole foods is offering a 3- dollar-14 cent discount on pies from the bakery-- and 2 dollars off pizza pies. finally, microsoft is
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today by 31-point-4 percent. what's the point of daylight saving time? almost all 50 states turn the clocks ahead one hour in the spring -- except arizona and hawaii. but the now's anne mcnamara uncovered...the purpose behind the time change -- may be history. nats underneath 11:04 i was like gosh maybe i can jsut take a 20 min nap before i get in the start of the workday was slow...for everyone...everywhere...even at the coffee shop. priscilla paxton | barista 9:47 the people that did come in seemed really tired -- everyone said oh i wish i had four of those coffees or oh it was really hard to wake up today. 13:51 yeah! the struggle is very real, so we should get rid of it...randy washington doesn't see the point of daylight saving time. it just makes us late...including the person he's supposed to meet here in a few minutes. randy let her know yesterday so...we'll see q: but you're going to be forgiving right if she's a little bit right? a: of course, because of this horribly antiquated system we've been using way too long, of course. i have to be. 16:40 (laughs)
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still doing this. even the economics professor we asked...admits...the original intent of daylight saving time doesn't make sense anymore. turning the clocks...started as a way to save money during war time. nicolas cachanosky | economics, metropolitan state university denver16:04 it became important around world war i -- the main reason was to save energy -- coal, gas, oil. during that time, it wasn't easy to switch lights on and off like we do today. but he says -- it's not clear if the hour of electricity is saving us all that much anymore. in fact -- most of us are spending more -- on that morning coffee. 19:20 an extra cup of coffee. two instead of one!for the now...i'm anne mcnamara. mcnamara. daylight saving time can also throw off our internal clock... a new study from the american academy of neurology shows the change may be associated with higher risk of blood clots in the brain. and how about this?new research shows people who already have an increase risk of having a stroke -- face an even bigger risk after
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researchers say the findings shouldn't scare anyone though. a cleveland clinic doctor who didn't take part in the study says it's all about realizing your risks. :00 dr. zeshaun khawaja/cleveland clinic "you lose about two-million neurons per minute, so that's why it's so important that if you have exhibited any of these signs or symptoms of stroke it's right away and get the evaluation done." [00:12] [00:12]not everyone will show the same symptoms of a stroke but doctors say a good rule of thumb is to remember *be fast. that stands for balance, eyes, face, arms, speech, and time. loss of balance, changes in vision, facial drooping, arm numbness and speech difficulty are all possible signs of stroke -- so if you or someone you know shows any of those symptoms -- call 911.
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steve chat about weather tuesday looks great for those heading to the polls. highs will reach the low 70s with a mix of clouds and sun. tuesday night into wednesday morning, we'll see another front bring a chance for showers and storms. isolated severe weather is possible, with damaging winds being the greater threat. lows will fall into the low 50s. much cooler weather moves in for the remainder of the week, with wednesday highs in the low
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severe weather awareness week is now underway in began yesterday.spring is
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weather officials want you to be ready any time severe storms head our way.if you missed "ahead of the storm a 9 first warning weather special last week, you can find it now at wcpo dot's broken up into four segments.make sure you watch so you're ready. right now they're bracing for more flooding in the south. the rain may have stopped.. but the rivers are still high. runs=11name: pat dans | lives in flood area "i guess you get a little worried and anxious maybe is the big word... just when is it going to recede and when am i going to get back to normal." normal." a major highway in louisiana is among the areas where you can barely see beyond the flood waters. and check out the water right up to people's homes. you can see people are using boats to get around. nearly 5- thousand homes are damaged in louisiana. president obama has declared the flooding in the state a major disaster. that means flood victims there can now get federal help. right now investigators are checking whether a car
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tracks-- and caused a derailment overnight in kansas. we're also learning the train's engineer noticed a bend in the track and hit the emergency brakes just before it derailed. right now, at least 32 people are recovering from injuries. most have now been released from the hospital. this man helped at least one of the passengers right after the crash runs=:13man says: "one gentleman stopped me, kind of in the darkness of the field and said 'friend! friend!' and, i said, you know, 'are you alright? what's going on?' and he said, 'is there any blood?' and i kind of shined my cell phone light -- and his face was very bloodied." bloodied." the train was on its way from l-a to chicago when it derailed. at least five cars ended up on their side. todd palin -- husband of sarah palin -- has been seriously hurt in a snow machine crash in alaska.sources report he is in an intensive care unit. sarah palin -- who was in florida campaigning for donald trump at the time of the accident -- is now at his side. disturbing new developments right now in the death of a maryland police officer. three brothers are
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trying to videotape a so- called "suicide by cop." cop." investigators say one of the brothers fired at officers outside this police station while the other two recorded it on their cell phones. officer jacai colson was killed. police say it appears the shooter intended to die during a gun battle with police. and it's not clear if the brothers actually intended to kill an officer. chief hank stawinski | prince george's county police: "one of your defenders, jacai colson, a four-year veteran, a 29-year-old man, lost his life in defense of the county today." today." so far, no charges have been filed. one of the brothers arrested is in high school. the other two are adults. developing today, an american who said he was fighting for the terror group isis, is now in custody. take a look at this video posted by kurdish media today. it shows the 27-year-old surrendering in iraq. it's believed he's from virginia and arrived in syria two months ago. another post appears to show his american
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card. so far the state department has not confirmed details of the surrender, but does say it is investigating. was fitness icon richard simmons kidnapped? kidnapped?that's the claim some of his closest friends made over the weekend.but now simmons himself is addressing the concern.why he says he's been out of the lime light. tickets are now on sale for the *amazing arts race.this is the fifth year for artwave's signature event for young's a scavenger hunt that sends teams of two to four people around downtown to answer trivia questions and even create their own works of art.this year's event is april second from one to four in the afternoon.sign up at *the arts
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male
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they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. nine on your side is following breaking news.a teenage girl who police say was badly beaten by her boyfriend has died.16-year-old hailey hall died today after the beating on february 29-th.police charged her boyfriend - 34-
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felonious assault when it's expected that charges against arnold will be upgraded in the coming days. he says he wasn't kidnapped and he's alive and well. richard simmons is addressing rumors today that something has happened to him. him. a news article this weekend suggested he was being held against his will at his home in hollywood by those closest to him. he was last seen in public two years ago. simmons is 67-years-old. he says he's been taking time for himself and recovering from knee replacement surgery. he also says he still works out every day, and contrary to rumors, has not regained the weight he lost to become famous as a fitness and health icon in the 80's. country singer joey feek was remembered in her home state of indiana yesterday.more than one thousand people attended the public memorial service for the 40 year old.half of the duo *joey and rory -- feek died march fourth after a long battle with cervical cancer.
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after giving birth to her now two year old daughter.feek's battle has been discussed on social media for months as her husband updated fans on her progress and eventual decision to end treatment. it was the dual confession that left bachelor fans stunned -- ben saying i love you to more than one woman! woman!:16 ben to lauren: i love you too. ben to jojo: i love you too. too.:05 ben: my heart in two different places. i'm lost. i'm a lost man right now. two weeks after that stunning revelation -- we finally find out tonight which woman, lauren or jojo, ben plans to marry!on last week's episode of "the women tell all" - ben says he's sure he's found "the one"this week -- his parents will be helping him make his final decision. and his mother is just as concerned as fans. 1:05 ben's mom: to know that ben could be in love with two women, is really disturbing to me. me.what else can we tell you? tonight's show.
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can't picture my life without ben. i don't want to say bed alone. alone.tonight's bachelor season finale gets underway at eight.then catch 9 on your side at eleven with tanya and craig! with just hours until ohio's primary election begins -- there is also a big push to get people to the polls. polls.who wants everyone to vote come tomorrow! and why is cincinnati children's hospital going to the dogs?the canine program
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cincinnati... right now calls are going out across the tri-state urging people to get out to the polls in ohio's primary election tomorrow.jordan burgess looks at the importance of those efforts. it's in rooms like this one where ohio's primary election could be decided. phone banking areas areas like this one for hillary clinton's campaign where volunteers are urging voters to get to the polls. polls. are you planning on voting tomorrow?a bank where the votes. this means everything. this all about. the days tick down.. the call volume picks up at
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campaign headquarters across ohio. ohio. it's about the personal touch and reminding people you have to vote.... and reminding volunteers of the importance of their efforts.that's what brought the president of emily's list to the clinton headquarters in cincinnati.the group raises money for pro- choice democratic female candidates across the country.. but today is raising spirits. spirits. what kind of country do we want to be moving forward. who are we as a people. this election is more important than any one we've seen in the past.but no matter what kind of enthusiasm volunteers or candidates have.. it's the voters who get to make the final judgement. judgement. banging gavel gavel you make your case to the voters, you do the work, you have the volunteers have the conversations and at the end of the day it is about one voter walking into that booth or doing early vote and filling out that ballot and you have to trust that voter will be with you. you.
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calling voters for several more hours tonight. jordan burgess. the now cincinnati. cincinnati. while clinton's supporters spent the day rallying voters -- clinton's opponent bernie sanders spent the morning in youngstown with voters.he held a rally with a few thousand supporters at a downtown venue this afternoon -- he was in akron.a new quinnipiac university poll shows clinton is still leading in ohio, but sanders is gaining ground. remember -- 9 on your side and wcpo dot com will have updates from all of the races tomorrow night with live coverage from seven to eight.and we'll have a live facebook chat from ten to 10:30 to get you updated. then catch us for 9 on your side at eleven. the republican national committee is taking steps to make sure the next president is the one who picks the next supreme court justice. justice. as early as this week, president obama is going to recommend someone to replace justice antonin
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last month. now, the r-n-c is launching a campaign that would essentially discredit that nominee and the democrats who support that choice. a task force will put together attack ads, petitions, and other strategies, working with a conservative research group. the g-o-p calls it the most comprehensive judicial response effort in the party's history. not paying fines for things like overdue traffic tickets is getting some people sent to jail. now the justice department is trying to stop that from happening. 9 on your side anchor carol williams with the plan. the justice department sent a letter today to local courts in every state warning them about using fines to raise revenue. the feds say judges should consider alternatives to jail for lower-income people who can't pay fines. they also say arrest warrants shouldn't be used as routinely as they are right now to get people to pay court debt. debt. this all comes after a justice department investigation into the police
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exposed the practice of courts using fines to make money. investigators found the court there prioritized revenue over safety. that's what the justice department is now cities. it's not very common for the department to send a letter like it did today. the last time it did it was in 20-10... telling judges they had to provide translators for english. the letters don't create any new laws. but they do put local leaders on notice about the federal government's priorities. some rain in parts of the tri-state today -- but things are drying out -- for now. tuesday looks great for those heading to the polls. highs will reach the low 70s with a mix of clouds and sun. tuesday night into wednesday morning, we'll see another front bring a chance for showers and storms. isolated severe weather is possible, with damaging winds being the greater threat. lows will fall into the low 50s. much cooler weather moves in for the
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wednesday highs in the low 60s, to the 40s by the weekend. an expensive and long-term construction project begins today..the socialville-foster road overpass in deerfield township will now be closed the next 40 days..a ten month project is expected to cost about six and a half million
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use western row road just north of the overpass as a detour. the madison school district takes another step toward helping students move forward last month. month.starting tomorrow -- students will have the chance to "check in with professional counselors.a letter was sent home today with eighth grade students but all students at the school are eligible for the check in program.the district says the program will give students the chance to have. two new helpers are now doing rounds at cincinnati children's hospital medical center. center.this is video released by the hospital of *drummer and *leica (lie-kuh).the golden retrievers are specially trained to work in a medical facility and help patients as part of the animal assisted therapy program.and drummer and leica don't just visit -- they work 40 hours a week at the hospital with their handlers.the dogs interact with patients, helping them forget about the pain and the stress of their treatment.research has shown
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impact blood pressure for the better, and can increase patient mobility. a piece of literary history goes up on the auction block. block.where you can buy the very chair on which harry potter was born. tonight -- parents at wilson elementary school will get a crash course in social media. from seven to 8:30, parents can better learn how social media is impacting today's children.interested parents should go to the wilson cafeteria on little dry run
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it took four tries... but a human has finally outmatched a computer in the game called 'go.' google engineers are actually happy about the outcome in the best of five competition in the ancient chinese game. that's because they say they can now see the holes in the computer's programming. runs=19name: demis hassabis | ceo, deep mind "we use neuronetworks to allow alpha go to learn by looking at
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learning the kind of patterns professional human players make. and then it tried to get better than human players by practicing through self play. playing against older versions of itself." itself." the go player says he lost earlier games because he couldn't find any weaknesses in the computer's strategy. before the match-ups "go" fans thought the game would be too hard for the machine to master. tthere are about 2-hundred possible moves for the average position in "go" compared to about 20 in chess. players also rely a lot on intuition. it's the hospital visit social media is talking about today. star wars actor john boyega stopped by a london hospital sunday dressed as his character, finn.he was in character to meet a young fan as part of the "rays of sunshine children's charity. instead -- that boy, named daniel, took boyega around the hospital to meet other patients, saying he couldn't keep finn all to himself. boyega posted some photos from the visit on his instagram
4:42 pm
94 thousand people have liked the photos. the very chair author j.k. rowling sat in while writing the first two harry potter novels is going up for auction! auction!wouldn't this look great in your home, tanya?the chair goes up for auction april sixth in new york city. opening big is expected to be 45 thousand dollars.but this isn't the first time the chair has been sold at was sold in 2002 for charity. kathleen guzman, curator at heritage auctions:40 "what's so special about this chair is that she donated it to charity, a charity called 'chair-rish' ('chair-rish a child' auction) and they sold it, but before she did that she decorated it with words from the book as well as, 'i wrote harry potter sitting in this chair.'" chair.'"the chair was originally part of four mismatched dining chairs rowling had in her home.there is a warning to the buyer though that the chair is
4:43 pm
anyone sit on it anymore. could a robot steal your job? why some say there is reason
tv-commercial tv-commercial
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hillary clinton: you know, in america, if you work hard, you're supposed to be able to get ahead, no matter who you are or where you started out. but too many barriers hold back our families. instead of affordable college we have skyrocketing debt. paychecks barely budge, but ceo pay keeps rising. and instead of good paying jobs, millions of americans are stuck. wall street and big financial interests, along with drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies. the indifference, the negligence. that' s what i want to take on. i'm running for president to root out all of these barriers,
4:45 pm
when we make sure that every american has a chance to live up to his or her potential. i'm hillary clinton, and i approved this message. you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... is there actually life on mars? a mission to find out for sure moved forward today. today. here's a look at the unmanned russian rocket lifting off for mars. the european russian mission is expected to reach the planet in october. its goal is to search for signs of life. an advanced satellite will be mapping methane. scientists believe that chemical could show life exists. but that's only part of the mission. they also plan to land a rover on mars in 20-18 to drill into the planet's surface to collect samples. so where does the u-s stand in this space race? nasa's next lander to head to mars was originally scheduled to launch this month. but now it's not happening until
4:46 pm
issue. the mission is designed to help us understand how rocky planets like mars and earth formed and evolved. just last week nasa also successfully tested the first deep space rocket engine for 5- hundred seconds for the first time. that's the engine they're building to carry people on a future mission to mars. a former volkswagen employee is accusing the company of deleting documents and obstructing justice after the company cheated on emission tests. tests.that former employee says in a whistleblower case that he was wrongfully fired in december after refusing to delete evidence.the lawsuit claims documents were destroyed for about three days before the justice department ordered it stopped.v.w. has admitted programming about 600 diesel powered cars to convince the government and buyers that they were more environmentally safe than they were.the company has until march 24th to reach an agreement with the government on a fix for the cheat. could a robot take over your job in the future? newsy's ryan biek found how many positions may be lost.
4:47 pm
americans believe robots and computers will do most of the work currently done by humans within the next 50 years. that's according to a new report from the pew percent of workers worry about percent believe their own jobs are safe from impending technological clutches. the survey, which polled about 2,000 people, found that younger workers and people in blue-collar jobs have a little more confidence that their jobs will remain unchanged compared to older generations and white-collar professionals. there's a reason to be concerned, especially since the study was conducted before the world economic forum projected < http://www3.weforu uture_of_jobs.pdf> that 5 million jobs will be lost to robots by 2020.workforce automation has been a concern for years. a 2013 study http://www.oxfordm oads/academic/the _future_of_employment.pdf found that close to half of all jobs in the u.s. face possible "computerization." still, the pew study found that many workers, especially those who work in manual labor, are actually more afraid of human threats to their positions, such as competition from lower-paid workers and poor management in the company. so it seems, at
4:48 pm
the future of technology will impact the future workforce, just not their future workforce. roughly two-thirds of americans well, he's not stealing jobs but he is stealing hearts! check out this sea lion spotted hanging out at a fish market in san diego.the animal apparently wasn't in a hurry to leave.witnesses say he jumped into a car, played with radio and even got behind the wheel for a bit.eventually, sea world workers arrived and
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julie and steve chat about weather tuesday looks great for those heading to the polls. highs will reach the low 70s with a mix of clouds and sun. tuesday night into wednesday morning, we'll see another front bring a chance for showers and storms. isolated severe weather is possible, with damaging winds being the greater threat. lows will fall into the low 50s. much cooler weather moves in for the remainder of the week, with wednesday highs in the low
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terrifying moments at this year's iditarod competition in alaska after two sled teams are hit by a snow machine!one dog was killed and others are now recovering.musher jeff
4:51 pm
when he was hit.he was forced to drive his injured team forward to a nearby town for was there he learned another team had been hit as well. (ramstead) "aily basically said she was attacked by a snow-machiner out on the river and that he tried to run her down on at least 4 occasions." occasions."king managed to take with him a piece of that snow machine -- which turned out belonged to this man.he admits he was drunk and never should have been driving but says he doesn't remember chasing down sled teams. :28 (demoski) "i don't know what i don't know how i can possibly make it right for jeff and aily but i hope they can forgive me i didn't mean it." it."that man says he called police the next morning after hearing about the incidents.he now faces charges including reckless endangerment, reckless driving and criminal mischief. a father and son in arkansas are getting praise for risking their own lives to save a man from a burning car. chuckie and his son dakkota were in the front yard of their home when they say a jeep went airborne, landed
4:52 pm
side, then caught fire.dakkota used a fire extinguisher to put the flames out, while his dad used a knife to cut open the top of the jeep and reach the trapped man. (chuckie hayes -- saved a man from buring car)1:02 "i wiped his face off with a wet towel and kept trying to wake him up. he was completely unconscious." unconscious."(dakkota hayes -- saved man from burning car):40 "just get him out and help him anyway i could really." really."1:24 "i just picture one of my family members in that predicament and i just help them." them."it wasn't long before emergency crews also arrived -- and helped the men save that driver -- who is now recovering at a hospital. fights this political season -- seem to be the norm. norm.but why are so many protestors being removed?and can presidential candidates do that?what you need to know --
4:53 pm
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those stories and much more coming up on 9 on your side at five.but first -- tempers flare - in the fight for the white house. images of protests suddenly becoming as
4:56 pm
themselves. the now's mike brookbank tells us about an effort, to make sure protesters' rights are part of the process: take nat popfrom trump rally - protestor rushes stage we've seen it in cities across the country... political rallies -- going off the rails.take nat popprotestors outside ix center there's no doubt -- tensions are high... as protestors clash with each other -- and police.take sotjacqueline greene, ohio chapter of national lawyers guild: "we have seen mass civil liberties violations. we have seen mass arrests. they do occur in these settings." attorney jacqueline greene -- one of dozens of legal activists set to meet this week... to make sure demonstrators' rights don't get trampled this summer -- during the republican national convention in cleveland.take sotjacqueline greene, ohio chapter of national lawyers guild: "inevitably protestors show up to national conventions." the regional chapter of the national lawyers guild... will have boots on the ground...take sot jacqueline greene, ohio chapter of national lawyers guild: sometimes having an observer there can be a detterant for certain things occuring." they'll be watching for several things -- including the possibility of protestors getting roughed-up during the july event.take sotjacqueline greene, "if there are unlawful arrests, or excessive use of
4:57 pm
those things." the city of cleveland -- expecting a force of 5- thousand officers... and as many as 50-thousand people. as for the number of protestors in northeast ohio... it could be as low as 1-thousand -- and as many as 100-thousand.take sot chapter of national lawyers guild: "these types of issues, especially the excessive force issue, does arise frequently in convention protest settings" while the national lawyers guild is trying to be proactive - members know they can only do so much.take sotjacqueline greene, ohio chapter of national lawyers guild: "the city of cleveland is ultimately responsible for ensuring its police officers are engaged in constitutional policing." reporting for the now, i'm mike brookbank. brookbank. the national lawyers guild has been providing observers at national conventions for the last 40 years. the legal activists also work with protesters after their arrests to help them navigate the legal system. a customer and clerk fight back after a suspect attacks a convenience store with a hatchet in seattle!now that suspect is dead.investigators say the attack happened just before six in the morning.the suspect was wearing a mask and
4:58 pm
chopping wood.the clerk was hit in the stomach.thats whenb a customer with a license to carry a concealed weapon -- shot the suspect. :49 (cindi west) "had this guy not shot, who knows what would've happened? we might have a dead clerk right now and instead we have a dead bad guy." guy."1:09 (cindi) "we do not see any wrongdoing on the part of the customer. in fact, he probably saved lives in this case" the clerk agrees -- telling a reporter at the scene that the customer saved his life. that's it from the now cincinnati.9 on your side at 5 starts right now. showers moving through the tri-state right now!we're on your side with your rain chances throughout the entire evening. breaking now...a 16-year-old has died.her boyfriend accused of beating her weeks ago.nine on your side digs into whether this man will face more serious charges. the final push for is "get out the vote" camps across the state are pushing for your vote ahead of the ohio primary.
4:59 pm
body in the the middle of a rural road.why evidence is pointing to a drug overdose. it unclogs fat - then disappears.we'll tell you about the new stent that does the job - then goes away on its own.nine on your side at five - starts now! the chance for showers continues in and around the tri-state this evening. evening.for the timing - let's get to nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh with the latest - steve? steve? tuesday looks great for those heading to the polls. highs will reach the low 70s with a mix of clouds and sun. tuesday night into wednesday morning, we'll see another front bring a chance for showers and storms. isolated severe weather is possible, with damaging winds being the greater threat. lows will fall
5:00 pm
following breaking news at five -- 16-year-old hailey hall has died. she was taken to the hospital at the beginning of march with injuries from an assault.her 34-year-old


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